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Training Institution

Training Institution Overview

What is the Training Institution?

Training Institution means the institution that provides educational services for training professionals based on standards applicable in industrial area to all personnel in various industries.

IPC (International Personnel Certification Association) has signed an MLA with the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) for IPC’s field of activities (Personnel Certification and Training Institution Designation), and the international personnel certification body, GPC (Global Personnel Certification), a full member of the IPC, is working on the designation of training institution through IAF MLA.

GIC provides auditor training and certification services based on cooperation With IGC and GPC, who are a partner of GIC.

  • Competency of Partner Organization IGC

    IGC has been designated as an official training institution by GPC and provides education services to various industries areas.

    IGC’s educational services are highly reliable and international services that can be recognized equally anywhere in the world as well as in domestic.

       IGC can provide various services based on securing various certification schemes as follows.
    • 1.  Training ISO Management System Auditor/Lead Auditor/Internal Auditor
    • 2.  FSSC 22000 Education (FSSC Headquarters Authorized Training Institution)
    • 3.  FDA, FSMA Education (FSVP, PCQI)
    • 4.  Electrical Electronic Test Education
    • 5.  Food Nutrition Test Education (Chemical, Biological)
    • 6.  CE/MDR Education
    • 7.  ISO/IEC 17021 Education
    • 8.  ISO/IEC 17025 Education
    • 9.  ISO 19011 Education

  • Competency of Partner Organization GPC

    GPC can provide various services based on securing various certification schemes as follows.

    •  GPC is an international personnel certification body that certifies the qualifications of personnel accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) based in the United States on the basis ISO/IEC 17024.
    •  Personnel certification is issue certificates after evaluating the suitability of ability based on applicable standards.
    •  EA (European Organization for Certified Agency Cooperation) and APAC (European Organization for Certified Agency Cooperation) under the IAF have signed MLA about personnel certification.
    •  All personnel qualification certification will also request the remaining regional organization, IAAC (American Organization for Certified Agency Cooperation), to issue personnel certificates with the IAF logo when entering into the MLA.
    •  GPC will continue to make efforts to cultivate high-quality professionals by providing various services for personnel qualifications through various certification schemes.

Procedure of Training Institute Designation

Training Institution Designation Procedure

In order to designate a training institution, the management system and lecture location for the operation of the training institution must be regularly evaluated.

  • Submission Documents When Applying for Training Institution

    The following items should be reviewed when designating a training institution from a partner organization, GPC.

    This is used as evaluation material about the institution and is protected by the GPC security procedure.

    •  Manual and Procedure list
    •  Outsourcing Company Information, if applicable
    •  Instructor History and Evidence material
    •  Lectures-related materials, Location, Standards, Full plan, Textbook, etc.
    •  Workshop Materials Such as Cast Study and Scenario
    •  Technical Procedure about Evaluating Individual or Team Activities
    •  Training Certificate Sample
    •  Continuous Evaluation Data During the Curriculum

  • Application Procedure

    • Receiving an application
    • Payment of Expenses
    • Document review
    • Issue a Designation document
    • Final Approval
    • and on-site audit

Training Institute invigilator

Services of registering invigilator

  • Registration of invigilator in Training Institution

    If a training institution conducts a test of a partner organization, GPC, it is necessary to register a invigilator in the GPC for fairness.

    ※ The GPC has full authority related to the test.

       At least 1 invigilator is assigned to each of per 20 candidates, they perform the following task.
    • -  Identification of Candidates
    • -  Test Guidance (Limited Time, Precautions, Prohibition of Cheating, Rights of Candidates, Method of Raising Objections, Criteria for Acceptance, etc.)
    • -  Invigilator
    • -  Finding and Taking Measures Against Cheaters
    • -  Distribution and Retrieval of Test Papers and Answer Sheets
    • -  Seal and Submit Collected Test Papers and Answer Sheets

    •  Invigilator should also maintain fairness and have no interests in the candidates.

       GPC can be registered after evaluation according to simple history verification and internal procedure for candidates who have applied as invigilator.