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Appeal & Complaint

Appeal & Complaint더보기

1. Appeal Process

  • Any customer can appeal the GIC's certification decision.
    The Executive Director of the GIC must decide whether to accept the appeal within 30 days of being notified of the appeal.

    • Appeals can be submitted to the GIC's management (administrative) manager by email or at the address below.
    • editHead Office450 North Brand Boulevard, Suite 600 - #6007, Glendale, CA 91203, U.S.A.
    • editKey LocationRm. 502, Daeryung techno town, 638, Seobusaet-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    • editTel+1 213 261 0787 (USA Office)
    • editFax+1 213 261 0797

    In order to verify and investigate the submitted appeal document, the relevant evidence must also be submitted.

    The administration can verify appeal documents and request additional data if necessary.
    After confirming the appeal, if it is delivered to the manager of the administration department, the manager does not acknowledge the appeal or has the right to organize the appeal panel based on the appeal content.
    Adverse certification, decision on re-certification, or appeal to revocation of certification shall be processed in writing.
    Any written appeals will be reviewed and resolved as soon as possible through formal documented procedures.

    • Appeals can be made in the following decisions:
    • a. Refusing to accept initial certification
    • b. Rejecting approval for maintaining certification
    • c. Refusing to approve upgrading certification grade
    • d. Decrease in certification rating

    If an appeal is accepted, the administrative manager organizes an appeal panel, and if necessary, the chairman of the appeal panel can request the applicant to attend.
    The Appeal Panel recommends the administrative manager to take necessary measures for the satisfaction of the claimant, and the Appeal Panel recommends preventive measures to prevent recurrence of such a situation.
    The administrator makes the decision on the appeal based on the recommendation of the Appeal Panel, and the Executive Director's decision is treated as a final decision.
    The above procedure must be completed within 45 days of the complaint being filed.

    Objectors who disapprove of the Administrator's decision may raise an appeal to GIC representative.

    GIC representatives will convene a three-member Appeal Panel, which will investigate the Appeal Case and follow the relevant procedures to handle the Appeal.

    GIC representatives make decisions on accepting appeals based on recommendations from the Appeal Panel. In this case, the representative's decision is final.
    The above procedure will be completed within 45 days of the complaint being reported to the Representative.

    GIC representatives can seek advice from the appropriate experts they think are necessary.
    If the complainant is not satisfied with GIC representative's decision, the complainant may challenge the Accreditation Body.
    However, this method can be used after all appeals to GIC have been made.
    In this case, the process of filing an appeal from the accreditation body will be followed.

2. Complaints

  • Customer complaints are handled by the administration. The administration has authorities to receive, verify, and investigate customer complaints, as well as the decision to take corrective action on customer complaints.
    Written or verbal, internal or external customer complaints can be filed by any employee at GIC.
    Customer complaints received are registered in the complaint register operated by GPC and forwarded to the Executive Director.
    If necessary, additional information can be requested from the complainant.

    GIC must respond to complaints by phone, interim reply or e-mail to the complainant within 24 hours.
    If possible, formal notices should be given to the person making the complaint at the end of the complaint process.
    The administrative manager will, without delay, deliver the official disposition of the GIC, including corrective and preventive measures necessary to resolve customer complaints, to the complaint applicant.
    The conclusion of the complaint must be notified to the complainant, and the complainant and the contents of the complaint must be kept confidential in accordance with the GIC complaint processing procedures.