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ISO 44001:2017 Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems


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ISO 44001:2017 Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems

[ Certification Information ]

ISO 44001 represents a new generation of International standards with a focus on behaviors, organizational culture and management processes providing a common platform to underpin sustainable business relationships and harness the benefits of cooperative work performing.

ISO 44001 Certification Information<ISO 44001 Certification Information>

This international standard has been enacted to specify the requirements of a management system about collaborative relationship management, enabling effective identification, development, and management between organizations. It is applicable regardless of the size, and type of organization including public, private entities, and small businesses.

ISO 44001 Requirements<ISO 44001 Requirements>

[ ISO 44001:2017 Requirements ]

  • Scope
  • Normative references
  • Terms and definitions
  • Context of the organization
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Improvement
The importance and necessity of ISO 44001<The importance and necessity of ISO 44001>

[ The importance and necessity of ISO 44001 ]

  • 1. Companies that are certified with ISO 44001 demonstrate transparent operations through international certification, thereby can securing trust from relevant stakeholders.
  • 2. It can secure the sustainability of the organization and enable the creation of new businesses and business expansion by implementing differentiated management from competing companies.
  • 3. It allows for effective management of business risks.
  • 4. By implementing the respective management system, organizations can improve their products and services.
The effects of ISO 44001<The effects of ISO 44001>

[ The effects of ISO 44001 ]

  • •  Cooperative business relationships enhance competitiveness and performance and have been demonstrated to deliver a wide range of benefits that add value to organizations of all sizes.
  • •  The publication of the ISO 44001 is a unique landmark for business.
  • •  Collaboration between organizations may take many forms from loose tactical approaches through to longer-term alliances or joint ventures.
  • •  ISO 44001 does not enforce a single rigid approach and harnesses a range of benefits while recognizing that each relationship has its own unique considerations.



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