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IAF News_The results of IAF/ILAC/ISO survey on ‘Remote Techniques’, an…


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The results of IAF/ILAC/ISO survey on ‘Remote Techniques’, and related policies

[ IAF/ILAC/ISO survey on ‘Remote Techniques’ ]

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Organizations involved in conformity assessment, such as certification and accreditation bodies and standards developers have supported their customers to keep getting the conformity services by using remote techniques.

To find this out, IAF, ILAC and ISO carried out a survey on remote techniques in July and August 2021. The survey sought feedback from a diverse range of individuals as well as those who were subject to remote audits, assessments and evaluations.

The survey results are as follows :

  • •  Assuming no further pandemic restrictions, 60% say they would prefer a blended audit/assessment/evaluation. 19% prefer fully remote and 21% prefer on-site.
  • •  Respondents' satisfaction with remote technology is based on their experience. 71% were satisfied with their remote experience, 26% somewhat satisfied and just 4% dissatisfied.
  • •  The benefits of remote activities are reduced travel time, cost, travel risk and environmental footprint, efficient use of personnel and keeping to strict time/schedule of the audit/assessment/evaluation plan and etc.

The majority (53%) of respondents felt to some extent that preparation was more difficult and time-consuming with remote techniques. It is also clear that robust internet connectivity and IT security are necessary to deliver both confidence and positive results with remote techniques.

Related standard and policies<Related standard and policies>

[ Related standard and policies ]

IAF ID 3:2011 (Management of Extraordinary Events or Circumstances Affecting ABs, CABs and Certified Organizations)

IAF ID 3 is the informative document for accreditation bodies, conformity assessment bodies and certified organizations to manage their accreditation and certification in Extraordinary Events or Circumstances.

IAF MD 4:2018 (The Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Auditing/Assessment Purposes)

IAF MD 4 requires that accreditation bodies and conformity assessment bodies apply ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in management systems, products, personal certification Auditing/Assessment. The use of ICT is not mandatory, but if used, MD 4 must be complied with.

ISO 19011:2018 (Guidelines for auditing management systems)

Additionally, GIC complies with the policy for remote assessment of the accreditation body, IAS.

IAS_ADM_063_IAS Guide on remote assessment for CABs

Please refer to IAF outlook in details.



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